Obstraupe Silver Fox 04

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Obstraupe with a 48 V and 14,5 Ah battery system.


        Organic Tools fruit picker Silver Fox 04 is a hand-operated fruit picker with an electrically driven collecting roller for the gentle harvesting of cider fruit and nuts. The Silver Fox 04 offers the gentlest fruit collection among mechanical fruit collectors, with effective pre-cleaning of leaves and grass residues. The battery-powered device can be used immediately and can even be transported compactly in a car boot.

        The innovative collection technology is as simple as it is brilliant: The pick-up roller with soft lamellas, driven by an electric motor, pushes the valuable collected material into the fruit box via a guide plate over a working width of 74 cm. Fruit and nuts pass the leaf brush in flight, leaves and grass get caught and fall through the gap back onto the meadow.

        The Silver Fox 04 series is equipped with a 48V battery system and 14.5 Ah. For a longer battery life with consistently high performance. Optimised frame design for greater stability and durability.


          — 300W brushless DC motor
          — 2 fruit crates (60 cm x 40 cm x 17 cm / 23.6 in x 15.7 in 6.7 in, 7.5 UK gallons capacity)
          — 48V E-Bike battery (14,5 Ah) 
          — 2A or 4A charger (depending on selection)
          — 2 x 24" PU solid rubber wheels
          — Leaf brush (60 cm x 20 cm / 23.6 in x 7.9 in)


          — 14,5 Ah E-Bike battery und 2A charger: operation time app. 4-5 h, charging time app. 7-8 h
          — 14,5 Ah E-Bike battery und 4A charger: operation time app. 4-5 h, charging time app. 3-4 h

          — 74 cm collection width (29.13 in), 60 cm roller width with 48 pickup fins of food-grade plastic 
          — 500 - 1000 kg/h (1120-2204 gal) picking capacity 
          — Fruit crates 60 cm x 40 cm x 17 cm (34 L capacity) / 
          23.6 in x 15.7 in 6.7 in, 7.5 UK gallons capacity 
          — Single-axle design, hand-guided without wheel drive
          — 24“ solid rubber wheels PU
          — Base frame made of stainless steel (V2A, glass bead blasted)
          — Handlebars and covers made of anodized aluminium (AIMg2) , height-adjustable 
          — 7,5° wheel inclination and wheel deflectors
          — Brushless electric motor with worm gear (300W,  IP44)
          — Potentiometer for continous speed control up to max. 150 rpm
          — Controller in dust and splash-proof aluminium case
          — 48V E-Bike battery „Silver Fish“ (14,5 Ah, 700Wh), cells: Lithium-ions

          — Charger 2A or 4A (depending on choice) for 230V socket, 4A charger air-cooled
          — Total weight (incl. battery) 35 kg
          — Packing size 75 cm x 110 cm x 90 cm (folded), transport size 80 cm x 110 cm x 100 cm



          We offer a 5-year warranty on the frame upon registration. For all other components, we naturally fulfill the legal warranty of 2 years. We do our utmost to make our products low-maintenance and repair-friendly. The e-bike Li-Ion battery is suitable for approx. 1,000 charging cycles and should last many seasons with proper maintenance (charge to 80% approx. every 3 months). Since we buy this ourselves, we are limited with regard to warranty provisions and can give only 1 year of warranty. If you have any questions about our warranty conditions, please feel free to contact us.


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